November 12, 2019

Top 3 Hosting Provider For WordPress

1. HostGator

Price: Rs. 99
Disk Space: Unlimited
Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

Established way back in 2002, HostGator is indeed one of the most popular web hosting Companies today. Getting this as your web host will allow you to create professional-looking, functional, and beautiful sites – and it’s user-friendly as well.

They’re one of the few hosting providers that provide affordable plans with unlimited space and bandwidth, just to name a few. Their hosting packages include shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress, and Cloud. Most importantly, they have servers in India – in fact, you can get their cheapest plan for only Rs. 99/ month.

Of course, HostGator packages can also be purchased using US dollars. Below, you’ll find their 3 shared hosting plans along with their basic descriptions.

  1. Hatchling – With this plan, you’re allowed 1 website, unmetered bandwidth, 1-click installs, and free SSL certificate.
  2. Baby – Getting this plan will allow you an unlimited number of websites, unmetered bandwidth, 1-click installs, and Free SSL certificates.
  3. Business – Their Business plan comes with unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth, 1-click installs, free SSL certificates, free dedicated IP, and free SEO tools among others.

As you can see, you get more out of HostGator when you upgrade your plan. Right now, their Baby package is their most popular plan as it’s a great starting point. However, you can also start with a Hatchling plan especially if you just want to start with one website. Remember, it already comes with unmetered bandwidth even if it’s their cheapest plan. And of course, you can always upgrade to their Business plan should your needs demand more features.

Another thing we like about HostGator is their uptime. Keep in mind that this is very important as downtimes (even minutes or seconds) can mean losses in your business. Not being able to access your site will turn off your site visitors, for one. Also, know that uptimes and downtimes will also affect your SEO as it’s one of the ranking signals considered by search engines like Google.

Well, HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime (which is really REALLY good). And this guarantee comes with a promise that they’ll reimburse you a month’s credit should they fail on this commitment. However, with HostGator’s track record of consistent uptime, we doubt that you’ll ever get any reimbursements from them at all (and again, this is a good thing as you want uptimes and not compensations).

It’s for all the reasons above (and more below) why we gave them the number 1 spot. They truly deserve it, in our opinion.


Having fast and reliable servers is probably one of the reasons why HostGator is so popular. It also comes with servers in India – so, site visitors from India will surely have fast-loading pages when they go to your site.

Needless to say, users from all over the globe will also experience good speed when you host your website on HostGator (they have customers from all over the world, mind you). Their servers in the US are simply very powerful, that’s why.


HostGator prides itself of providing 24/7/365 customer support to their customers. There will always be a HostGator expert to help you out with your problems and concerns via live chat, phone, and email. Their knowledge base of articles is also very helpful if you’re into troubleshooting.


2. Dream Host

 $7.95 (USD)
Disk space: Unlimited
Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

You’re probably familiar with DreamHost as it’s been around since 1996. It now hosts around 1.5 million sites and the numbers are growing every day.

Their hosting options include shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud, and WordPress. Their most popular one is shared hosting and you can subscribe to a plan and pay monthly, yearly or triennially (every 3 years). More detailed descriptions of their hosting plans are listed below.

  1. Shared Starter – With an introductory price of only $2.59 a month, this plan allows you to have 1 website and a free domain for 1 year (if you pay upfront for 1 whole year). You’ll also get unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, SSD storage, and free SSL certificate.
  2. Shared Unlimited – At $5.95 (introductory price), this plan allows for unlimited websites, free domain for 1 year (if paid yearly), unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, SSD storage, and free SSL certificate.

As you can see, DreamHost only has 2 pricing plans for its shared hosting option. The Shared Starter package is great for startups while the Shared Unlimited is more intended for business sites. You can go for the cheapest plan just to test things out – with the knowledge that you can upgrade at any time.

What impressed us the most with DreamHost is their uptime guarantee of 100%. It’s actually included in their terms of service – that their customers will be compensated should they fail to deliver on this promise.

So, here’s the deal. They’ll credit you a full day’s hosting for every hour of downtime on their part. There are exceptions to this, however, such as announced downtimes and service interruptions. Also, there’s a maximum customer compensation of 10% on the next renewal fee. All in all, it’s still a good deal.

Also, note that downtimes will be counted based on customer reports. You’ll have to submit a ticket and report the problem for the downtime to be counted. Still, it’s all good – as you know they’ll strive their best not to have downtimes in order to not lose money in the process.


DreamHost’s speed is good – but not as good as the main contenders in this report. Remember, the ideal page load time is 1 second or less. And DreamHost sometimes struggles in this area (but only a bit).


As far as customer support is concerned, DreamHost sure can deliver. They have 24/7 live chat, which is great. You can also contact them via email and through their Twitter account. And of course, they also have a knowledge base of useful articles and forums for discussions.

Note that they don’t have phone support. However, they provide the option of subscribing to their callback feature. You’ll need to pay extra for this, though (it’s still a good option, in our opinion).


3. SiteGround

Price: USD $3.95
Disk space: 10 GB
Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets
Global reach: Yes

Founded in 2004, SiteGround now hosts over a million websites all around the world. Their hosting options include shared, WordPress, dedicated servers, and cloud. Their powerful servers located all over the globe makes it possible to cater to the needs of their users. In fact, SiteGround is recommended by WordPress itself. But of course, it can host other Content Management Systems (CMS) as well.

SiteGround is most popular for its shared plans. They have 3 pricing systems for this, and we’ll tell you more about them in the list below.

  1. StartUp – This is their recommended plan for starting a web presence. With an introductory price of $3.95 per month (regular price is $11.95), you’re allowed 1 website and given 10GB storage space. You can also have up to 10,000 visitors monthly.
  2. GrowBig – SiteGround recommends this package for growing sites. For $5.95 per month (regular price is $19.95), you can have an unlimited number of websites along with 20GB storage space and 25,000 visitors monthly.
  3. GoGeek – If you want the best of SiteGround, they’re offering their top-tiered plan for an introductory price of $11.95 (regular price is $34.95). It comes with unlimited websites, 30GB storage space, and 100,000 visitors monthly.

SiteGround’s plan names give you an idea as to what you’re getting. If you’re just after their essential features, you can settle for (or start with) their StartUp package. However, if you want premium features with your package, choose their GrowBig plan. Go for their GoGeek plan if you want the best (geeky features) included in your package.

SiteGround is also one of the bold hosting providers that give 99.9% uptime – and some remuneration if they fail on this promise. Keep in mind, however, that we’re talking about 99.9% uptime average annually, not monthly.

So, here’s the deal. They’ll give you free hosting for one month when their annual uptime falls anywhere between 99.0 to 99.9%. And if it falls even lower than that, they’ll give you 1 month for every percentage. Wow. But then again, SiteGround has a really good uptime record – chances are slim that they’ll ever fall below their 99.9% annual uptime guarantee.


SiteGround’s data servers (found in the UK, Chicago, Netherlands, and Singapore) are very VERY reliable. They’re powerful enough for global reach, that’s for sure. What’s more, SiteGround also comes with free CDN (CloudFlare) which also contributes to its site speed.


There are lots of ways to connect with SiteGround specialists – they have phone, live chat, and e-mail support available 24/7.


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