November 12, 2019

Apple New Mac Update Catalina 10.15.1, and iTunes is finally dead

San Francisco: Apple has released macOS Catalina 10.15.1 third developer beta which focuses on fixing bugs and stability improvements.

The third beta of macOS 10.15.1 follows a week after the first build was issued for testing, and a day after counterpart betas for iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2, tvOS 13.2, and watchOS 6.1, the Apple Insider reported on Thursday.

The new build of the operating system can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Centre by those taking part in the testing program as well as over-the-air for existing beta users.

The app added a new option that lets users filter by Favourites, Edited, Photos, Videos or Keywords in the All Photos view. One also could choose View & Metadata & Titles to enable titles and filenames in the new All Photos view.

As per the report, other changes 10.15.1 include new emoji mirroring the new additions made in iOS and iPadOS.

Catalina macOS 10.15 was released earlier this month with a number of new features including Apple Arcade, Sidecar, security improvements, Catalyst apps, new Reminders, Music, TV and more.


  • Apple releases its big new Mac update, macOS Catalina.
  • It has lots of new features, such as the option to let you use an iPad as a second screen.
  • It also kills iTunes and replaces it with three separate apps: Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.

Developers can also bring their iPad apps to the Mac using a technology Apple calls Catalyst.


iTunes is dead in macOS Catalina. It’s replaced by three separate apps: Apple TV, Apple Music and Podcasts. It’s a smart move, since Apple users have complained for years about how clunky and bloated iTunes has become. Now, everything is separated into different places. It works well, since now I don’t have to dig around iTunes to find my movies or the music tab. I can just open the app for what I need.

Music is focused purely on Apple Music streaming and the tunes you’ve purchased. You can browse your library, find new music in Apple Music if you pay for it, or buy and download new tunes.

Apple TV lets you watch and download movies you’ve purchased, browse through Apple TV Channels such as HBO and Showtime and, soon, will let you play shows from Apple TV+.

Podcasts lets you play your favorite podcasts and find new ones. A cool discovery feature I like also lets you search for content inside podcasts. So, if there’s a person or topic you’re interested in, you can find if it’s been mentioned in any podcasts through search.

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